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Roger Hare's shogi pages Patrick Davin's Shogi Nexus
Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA)
European Shogi Championships: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Italian Shogi Association (AIS)
Italian Shogi Championships: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
About SHOGI-L, the shogi discussion list SHOGI-L message archive (1990-present)
SHOGI-L file archive SHOGI-L subscribers list
International shogi e-mail ladder International Chu-shogi e-mail ladder
Hans Geuns' shogi vocabulary Yoshiharu Habu article and interview
Shogi software and equipment Shogi variants
Shogi Kakugen (proverbs with commentaries) Quest of the Lost Systems (shogi openings)
Eiki Ito's Shogi Font for X-Windows

Ricoh shogi pages
Shogi home page Shogi rules
Tsume (mating) problems Annotated game
European championships
(Inter)national associations and clubs
Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA) United States Shogi Federation (USSF)
British Shogi Federation (BSF) Dutch Shogi Association (NShB)
Swedish Shogi Federation Norwegian Shogi
Italian Shogi Association (AIS) Austrian Shogi Federation (ÖSV) (in German)
Canadian Shogi Federation (CSF) American Chu Shogi Association (ACSA)
Byelorussian Shogi Association Computer Shogi Association
International Shogi Club (ISC) NPO International Shogi Popularization Society (ISPS)
Ukranian Shogi Federation (in Russian) Association Shogi d'Alsace (in French and English)
Nihon Shogi Renmei (Japanese Shogi Association)
(in Japanese)
Los Angeles Shogi Club
(mostly in Japanese)
New York Shogi Club Ohio Shogi Club [obsolete?]
Mid-America Shogi Club [obsolete?]
Waikiki Shogi Club [obsolete?]
Personal shogi pages
Reijer Grimbergen's shogi page Roger Hare's shogi pages
Eric Cheymol's shogi page Eric Cheymol's MacShogi database
Phil Holland's shogi pages Matt Casters's GNU shogi database project
Rokuro Akashi's tsume shogi theater Kohey's tsume shogi web site
Toshi Seki's shogi and chess page
contains tsume problems.
Introduction to Shogi for Chess players
by Douglas Crockford
Yamajunn's basic shogi opening strategy Matt Leonard's shogi page
Tony Hosking's Shogi Foundation Steve Evans's shogi variants page
Philippe Tran's shogi page (in French) Florian Guzek's shogi page (in French)
Hiroshi's Computer shogi and go page Trevor Leggett's shogi page
Fabio Forzoni's shogi page
in Italian
Tero Suomela's shogi and xiang qi page [obsolete?]
in Finnish
Takako Noda's kabuki & shogi page [obsolete?] Kenji Matsunaga's shogi page [obsolete?]
Chris Kmotorka's shogi page [obsolete?] Volker Zink's shogi page [obsolete?]
Mugen Ho shogi corner [obsolete?] 
Other shogi pages
Reiki shogi links (conveniently organized by topic) Junichi Takada's shogi links (>400 Japanese, >100 English)
Shogi Dojo / Shogi Club 24 (live online play) JavaShogi (live online play)
Richard's Play-by-eMail Gamerz Server
(and its Shogi entry)
Chess Variants Game Courier for Shogi
(for E-mail play)
Shogiforum.Net (worldwide shogi forum) Shogi.De (Japanese Chess in Germany)
Shogi entry in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
in English, German, Esperanto, Dutch and Japanese
Shogi at Mainichi Communications
in Japanese
Czech shogi pages (in Czech) Russian shogi pages (in Russian)
Finland & Shogi (in Finnish) GNU Shogi home page
Shogi FAQ (frequently asked questions)
in Japanese
Tendo: the city of shogi
in Japanese
Yahoo Directory - Board Games - Shogi CSA Computer Shogi Tournaments 1998-2000
Kyo Shogi (variant) Worldwide shogi address list [obsolete?]
The Art of Tsume
graphics by Anthony Auerbach

Japanese culture and shogi
Jim Breen's Japanese page (well-documented, interesting links) Mitsuharu Matsuoka's Guide to Japan
How to Japanese: links to everything Japanese Japan Travel and Living Guide - Shogi
Japanese culture (Markun Bear) Stanford JGuide to online Japan information resources
The Japan Foundation Newsletter Web Japanese Link
Kakchan Japanese links Yoshiteru Asano's links
BlueBird (Japanese language and culture, in Finnish) Meiboku index and site guide
Daruma entertainment page [obsolete?]

Other games and shogi
Mind Sports Olympiad Giochi Sforzeschi (Italian Mind Sports Olympiad)
Oulu (Finland) Mind Sports Festival Games Domain, the most popular games site
Chess Variants and its Shogi entry InternetChess Variants
Board Game Central - Asian board games Duke University - Sports and Games in Japan
Board Games FAQ and Intro - board games
Game Cabinet - traditional games Lycos A2Z board games
Yahooligans! Board Games KidsConnect Chess links
PlayLink interactive game center Chess and Go shop "Het Paard" - game links
Ducosim's links to game pages (in Dutch) Flemish Games Archive (in Dutch)
British Go Association - classic games AGA Guide to Go Pages on the Web
Renju International Federation Freeling & van Zon's MindSports site
Colin Adams's game player's home page Adam Atkinson's game page
Bob Forsman's virtual library - board games McFarland's short history of chess
Komodo Dragon Coffee House (Shogi and other games) Ken Warkentyne's go page
Jeff Mallett's games page Jay Scott's game links
Anthony Kam's bookmarks Jon Perry's chess index [obsolete?]
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
More Games & Puzzles