The 19th European Shogi Championship (ESC) and

the 5th Worldwide Open Shogi Championship (WOSC)

Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 August 2003
Conference Center Nimbus at Öckerö, near Goteborg , Sweden

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A list of already registered players can be found here.


The 32 highest ELO rated (July 1, 2003) Europeans (citizens or players who have stayed in Europe for at least the 12 months before the start of the championship) will participate in the five rounds knock-out European Shogi Championship (ESC). Non-Europeans and lower rated Europeans will start playing in the Worldwide Open Shogi Championship (WOSC) from round 1. Knocked out players from the ESC will be added to the WOSC. From round 6, all players play in the WOSC.

Detailed  rules and regulations pertaining to the European/Worldwide Open Championship and to the Blitz Championship, including a description of how Elo ratings are being used, refer to the Tournament Rules page.

The top three players of the ESC will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies. The top three players of the WOSC will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies. The best placed players in the WOSC (points, SOS, SDOS, and progressive) for each group will be given rating prizes. The rating groups are: A: 1-kyu to 3-kyu, B: 4-kyu to 6-kyu, C: 7-kyu to 9-kyu, D: 10-kyu to 12-kyu, E: 13-kyu to non-rated players. One rating prize (trophy) will be given for each rating group.


Register to your national FESA organisation and pay to it in advance (if it requires you to do so).
If you are a non-European, register to and pay at the arrival.

Registration before July 10:

Participation in ESC/WOSC: 100 SEK (approximately 11 Euro). Please mention at this registration whether you will participate in the European Open Blitz Championship or not.

Three nights (from August 7 until August 10) at the youth hostel (booked only for the shogi players and their families; 56 beds available; four men rooms; players will have to bring their own bedlinen (pillow case and sheets or sleeping bag) and towels): 400 SEK (approximately 43 Euro) per bed (for three nights)

Nine meals at the restaurant (dinner on Thursday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday): 600 SEK (approximately 65 Euro)

Later registration:

Participation in ESC/WOSC: 250 SEK (approximately 27 Euro)


  Thursday 7 August 13:00-16:30 Registration
  17:30-19:00 Dinner
  19:00-22:30 European Open Blitz Championship
  Friday 8 August 08:00-09.30 Breakfast
  09:30-12:00 ESC/WOSC Round 1
  12:00-13:00 Lunch
  13:00-18:00 ESC/WOSC Rounds 2 and 3
  18:00-19:30 Dinner
  19:30 Start of the annual FESA meeting
  Saturday 9 August 08:00-09.30 Breakfast
  09:30-12:00 ESC/WOSC Round 4
  12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-16:00 Selection of activities such as swimming, sight-seeing etc. These will include an afternoon at the beach, a bicycle tour with rented bikes and an experienced bicycle guide, or a visit to a world famous stone age rock painting nearby. There will be lists to fill in at the registration.
  16:00-18:30 ESC/WOSC Round 5
  18:30-19:30 Dinner
  19:30-22:00 WOSC Round 6
  Sunday 10 August 08:00-09.30 Breakfast
  09:30-12:00 WOSC Round 7
  12:00-13:00 Lunch
  13:00-15:30 WOSC Round 8
  16:00 Prize giving ceremony



The conference centre Nimbus at Öckerö ( near Goteborg, Sweden, which has youth hostel, restaurant, and playing venue in one building complex in a very beautiful environment at the seaside of this Swedish west coast island. The conference centre is built recently and has a very fresh atmosphere and a good standard.

How to go to the venue:

From Landvetter Airport (GOT) to the Railway Central Station/Nils Ericsson Terminalen by airport bus (30 min). From Nils Ericsson Terminalen to Lilla Varholmen by bus 240 (45 min). From Lilla Varholmen to Hönö Pinan by the ferry, and then continue by bus 297 from Hönö Pinan to Nimbus (10 min). Use one ticket all the way from the airport to the playing venue and just mention your final destination!

Alternative places to stay:

Hönö Hotell & Restaurang
Västra Vägen 67, 430 91 HÖNÖ
+46 31 96 50 75
+46 31 96 89 42

Youth hostel:
Klåvabo Vandrarhem
Västra vägen 67
+46 31 96 50 75

Björkö Vandrarhem
Bäckevägen 31
+46 31 96 11 86

Cottages: or the Swedish Shogi Federation can help you.

The Swedish Shogi Federation will assist in booking any hotel or youth hostel in Goteborg from which one can commute to the island. However, we recommend staying at one of the ten islands, which together form the Öckerö community!

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