The MSO 2001 Shogi Festival
(featuring the 17th European Championship)

Monday 20 - Sunday 26 August 2000
South Bank University, Wandsworth Road Campus
London SW8 2JZ, England

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Tori Shogi Championship (5 rounds) * Monday 20 August 10:00-13:00 & 13:30-18:00
Chu Shogi Championship (4 rounds) * Monday 20 August 19:00-22:30
  Tuesday 21 August 10:00-13:30 & 14:30-18:00 & 19:00-22:30
Shogi for Beginners (4 rounds) Tuesday 21 August 11:00-15:00
Handicap Team Match (5 rounds) Wednesday 22 August 11:00-14:00 & 15:00-20:00
Blitz Shogi Championship (8 rounds) Thursday 23 August 10:00-14:00
Simultaneous Exhibition Thursday 23 August 15:00-20:00
17th European Shogi Championship/ Friday 24 August 10:00-13:00 & 14:00-19:00
MSO Worldwide Shogi Championship Saturday 25 August 10:00-12:30 & 13:30-18:30 & 20:00-22:30
(9 rounds) Sunday 26 August 8:30-11:00 & 12:00-16:00
* If you can bring along a Tori and/or Chu Shogi set (even if you don't plan to take part),
please do so and let Edi Werner know. It would be much appreciated.


Players can register for any event by completing the online entry form at the MSO site.


South Bank University, Wandsworth Road Campus, venue can be found on the intersection of Wandsworth Road, Belmore Street and Landsdowne Way, London SW8 2JZ. It is located South of the River Thames, between the Chelsea and Vauxhall Bridges, roughly in the middle of a triangle formed by Battersea Park, Vauxhall and Brixton. It is near Stockwell Undergound station (Northern and Victoria lines). Refer to the university's information page and a streetmap for details.


The MSO organization has identified two suitable accommodation options:

  • St. Christopher's Inn. Price per person per night: GBP 16.25-17.50 (4-6 persons per room): GBP 12-15 (8-12 persons per room). To make reservations contact the inn directly (phone: +44-207 407 1856, online reservation).
  • A hotel at South Lambeth Road close to the playing venue. Price per room per night (continental breakfast included): GBP 75 (triple occupancy), GBP 62 (double occupancy), and GBP 50 (single occupancy). You will only get those low rates if you book via MSO organizer Tony Corfe (e-mail:, phone: +44-170 765 9080).


All participants of the European Shogi Championship/MSO Worldwide Championship (ESC/MSOWSC) will receive free meals during the three days of the ESC/MSOWSC or an equivalent cash contribution to purchase meals.


The organization of the MSO 2001 Shogi Festival is coordinated by the MSO 2001 Shogi Council, consisting of Martin Danerud (overall coordinator), Marc Theeuwen, Hans Secelle, Eduard Werner, Pieter Stouten and Larry Kaufman.

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