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Shogi is a Japanese board game played by two players. The object of the game is to capture the opponent's King. Shogi is played on a nine-by-nine board and each player has twenty pieces. Shogi is much like 'western' chess, but has some very interesting differences. One is that almost all pieces can promote to stronger pieces once they reach the opposite side of the board. The second very important difference is that when a piece is captured, it becomes a piece for the capturing side, and can be dropped back onto the board! This makes for a very exciting game, with an extremely low percentage of draws. Many strong Chess players have found Shogi to be a great game to play. Although played by millions in Japan, so far it is not so well known outside Japan. To play this fascinating game or to learn more about it, its history, its organization, etc. just follow the links on this page or subscribe to SHOGI-L, the Shogi Discussion List.


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