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10 Aug 2014
5:08 pm


  • Ratings and tournament results updated (Aug 10, 2014)

    A new preliminary rating list as of Aug 2nd is available. Recent tournament results include the ESC/WOSC that was held in Budapest (Hungary).

  • Karolina Styczynska is the new European Champion 2014! (Jul 27, 2014)

    From 17th to 20th July 2014 the ESC/WOSC took place in Budapest (Hungary). 78 players from 18 countries participated in the WOSC. Special guests in Budapest were professional players Hirotaka Nozuki 7-dan and Akira Nishio 6-dan sent by the Japan Shogi Association. Also joining the event were Shohei Takada 6-dan and Madoka Kitao Joryuu 2-dan.

    Karolina Styczynska managed to become the first female player to win the European Championship. Runner up was Marco Dietmayer , followed by Jean Fortin .

    The WOSC was also won by Karolina Styczynska with 8 out of 9 thanks to a better SOS-score, ahead of Makoto Kawato . On third place finished Thomas Leiter , followed by Tomoya Mizogami , Simon Meuller , Marco Dietmayer and Yasuyuki Okamura , who all scored 7 points.

    The blitz tournament was won by Makoto Kawato ahead of Thomas Leiter and Jean Fortin . The professional guests also participated in the blitz tournament giving handicaps, however their ranking in the table was not taken into account.

    As a side event a team tournament (3 players per team) took place. The team tournament was won by team Japan ahead of Austria I and Hungary I.

    All results can be found on the tournaments webpage. The kifu of the ESC finale can be downloaded here.