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13 Aug 2016
10:38 am


  • Ratings and tournament results updated (Aug 13, 2016)

    A new preliminary rating list as of 2016-08-08 is online. The most recent tournament results are also available.

  • One month until ESC/WOSC 2016 (Jul 17, 2016)

    There is one month left until this year's ESC/WOSC, which will take place August 17 - 21, 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the European Go Cultural Centre.

    Currently already 90 players have registered (participants list). Please check the official website for the schedule and other information.
    Don't miss the chance and take part in the most important yearly event in European Shogi!

  • ESC/WOSC 2016 (Mar 29, 2016)

    This year's ESC/WOSC will take place August 17 - 21, 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the
    European Go Cultural Centre.

    The Organization Committee has launched the official website, providing a detailed schedule and other information.
    Please subscribe there to stay informed!

  • ESC/WOSC 2015 - record number of participants

    The ESC/WOSC 2015 took place in Prague (Czech Republic) from 20th to 23th August. With 119 participants a new record number of participants was reached! Professional players attending this year were Hiroe Nakai (ladies professional 6-dan) and Madoka Kitao (ladies professional 2-dan).

    Jean Fortin managed to win the European Championship, winning the final game against Sergey Krivoshey . Third finished Laszlo Abuczki .

    The WOSC was won by Hideaki Takahashi with a perfect score of 9 wins. Second finished Makoto Kawato with 8 wins and best European player on 3rd place Jean Fortin , who had 7 wins, a score which also Sergey Krivoshey , Vladislav Zakrzhevsky , Vincent Tanyan , Thomas Leiter , Artem Kolomiets and Frederic Verheyden reached.

    The blitz tournament was won by Makoto Kawato ahead of Hiroe Nakai and Mitsuro Niizeki . The team tournament was won by Ukraine ahead of Hungary and Belarus.

    All results can be found on the tournament webpage.

  • Karolina Styczynska joins professional ranks (Jul 3, 2015)

    As the first non-Japanese ever, Ms. Karolina Styczynska from Poland has managed to join the ranks of the professional Lady's shogi players. Congratulations!

    Links (in English):
    Kyodo News - Polish Styczynska to be 1st foreign female "shogi" player
    The Mainichi - Polish woman comes one step closer to becoming pro shogi player
    Japan Real Time - Japan Shogi Association to Train Foreign Woman for First Time
    The Japan Times - Polish woman becomes shogi queen in rare move for foreigner
    The Mainichi - Pole 1st foreign woman to reach shogi 3 kyu