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24 Jun 2016
8:20 am


  • Ratings and tournament results updated (Jun 24, 2016)

    A new preliminary rating list as of June 20th is available. The most recent tournament results are also available.

  • ESC/WOSC 2016 (Mar 29, 2016)

    This year's ESC/WOSC will take place August 17 - 21, 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the
    European Go Cultural Centre.

    The Organization Committee has launched the official website, providing a detailed schedule and other information.
    Please subscribe there to stay informed!

  • ESC/WOSC 2015 - record number of participants

    The ESC/WOSC 2015 took place in Prague (Czech Republic) from 20th to 23th August. With 119 participants a new record number of participants was reached! Professional players attending this year were Hiroe Nakai (ladies professional 6-dan) and Madoka Kitao (ladies professional 2-dan).

    Jean Fortin managed to win the European Championship, winning the final game against Sergey Krivoshey . Third finished Laszlo Abuczki .

    The WOSC was won by Hideaki Takahashi with a perfect score of 9 wins. Second finished Makoto Kawato with 8 wins and best European player on 3rd place Jean Fortin , who had 7 wins, a score which also Sergey Krivoshey , Vladislav Zakrzhevsky , Vincent Tanyan , Thomas Leiter , Artem Kolomiets and Frederic Verheyden reached.

    The blitz tournament was won by Makoto Kawato ahead of Hiroe Nakai and Mitsuro Niizeki . The team tournament was won by Ukraine ahead of Hungary and Belarus.

    All results can be found on the tournament webpage.

  • Karolina Styczynska joins professional ranks (Jul 3, 2015)

    As the first non-Japanese ever, Ms. Karolina Styczynska from Poland has managed to join the ranks of the professional Lady's shogi players. Congratulations!

    Links (in English):
    Kyodo News - Polish Styczynska to be 1st foreign female "shogi" player
    The Mainichi - Polish woman comes one step closer to becoming pro shogi player
    Japan Real Time - Japan Shogi Association to Train Foreign Woman for First Time
    The Japan Times - Polish woman becomes shogi queen in rare move for foreigner
    The Mainichi - Pole 1st foreign woman to reach shogi 3 kyu