The 18th European Shogi Championship (ESC) and

the 4th Worldwide Open Shogi Championship (WOSC)

Thursday 22 - Sunday 25 August 2002
RIKAB Institute, Ganshoren (Brussels), Belgium

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  Thursday 22 August 13:00-16:30 Registration
  17:30-19:00 Supper
  19:00-22:30 European Open Blitz Championship
  Friday 23 August 08:15-09.30 Breakfast
  09:30-12:00 ESC/WOSC Round 1
  12:00-13:15 Lunch
  13:15-18:00 ESC/WOSC Rounds 2 and 3
  18:00-19:15 Dinner
  19:15-22:00 Annual FESA meeting
  Saturday 24 August 08:15-09.30 Breakfast
  09:30-12:00 ESC/WOSC Round 4
  12:00-13:15 Lunch
  13:15-18:00 ESC/WOSC Rounds 5 and 6
  18:00-19:15 Dinner
  19:15-22:00 WOSC Round 7
  Sunday 25 August 08:15-09.30 Breakfast
  09:30-12:00 WOSC Round 8
  12:00-13:15 Lunch
  13:15-15:45 WOSC Round 9
  16:15-17:00 Prize giving ceremony

We ask all national associations and individual players to bring shogi sets and byoyomi clocks or game timers with them to the Championships. FESA and Shogi Belgium are not in a position to furnish sufficient material. Please let Hans Secelle know how many sets and clocks you will be bringing along.


The ESC/WOSC attracted 56 players to three events. The list of participants contains their names, grades and photos. Reports and detailed results, including rating changes, are available for all three: the European Open Blitz Shogi Championship, the European Shogi Championship (ESC) and the Worldwide Open Shogi Championship (WOSC). Three players dominated the championships: one of the rising stars, Gert Schnider of Austria, won the blitz championship and come second in the WOSC, Eric Cheymol of France came second in the blitz and the ESC, and Boris Mirnik of Germany won both the ESC and WOSC.


The RIKAB Institute, Prins Boudewijnstraat 71 (= 71 Rue Prince Baudouin), 1083 Ganshoren (Brussels), Belgium. Phone: +32-02-428 2013. Fax: +32-02-420 1324. Web (in Dutch): For directions and photos of the last ESC at RIKAB (1997), refer to the RIKAB page. For larger scale maps of the area around RIKAB, refer to the streetmaps page.

The championships, accommodations and meals are all under one roof at the RIKAB, so there is no need to go back and forth between one and the other. The venue offers the opportunity to watch TV and video, and to play pool, tabletennis, tablesoccer, basketball and volleyball. A swimming pool is two blocks away. RIKAB is located in Ganshoren, part of the exciting city of Brussels, and has hosted the ESC several times before with great success. It is easily reached by underground and offers ample parking space.

We can only offer the low registration fee by saving on amenities: although the beds have blankets and pillows, players will have to bring their own bedlinen (pillow case and sheets or sleeping bag) and towels! Twin rooms (two beds in a single room) are available so that players can bring their partners.

The RIKAB Institute is a boarding school and they only open up for the days of the championships. Consequently, accommodation is only offered for the nights of 22, 23 and 24 August (i.e., arrival must not be before 22 August and departure must not be after 25 August. Players, who want to stay in Brussels before or after the championships, should check out the following pages: Youth hostel Jacques Brel, e-mail: brussels.brel AT laj DOT be; Brussels Hotels; Bed & Brussels; Youth accommodation in Brussels. Booking early is advised.


For rules and regulations pertaining to the European/Worldwide Open Championship and to the Blitz Championship, including a description of how Elo ratings are being used, refer to the Tournament Rules page.


From Sunday 4 August onwards, participants must register directly with Albrecht Heeffer, registrations secretary of the ESC/WOSC 2002 Organizing Committee. Registration options, deadlines and fees are as follows:

  • Tournament only
    • Registration no later than Thursday 22 August: 25 Euro per player.
  • European Open Blitz (Quickplay) Championship
    • No prior registration is required. Participation is free of charge.
  • Tournament and 3 days full board (THESE SPECIAL OFFERS HAVE EXPIRED!)
    • Early registration (no later than Sunday 14 July): 100 Euro per person.
    • Late registration (no later than Sunday 4 August): 125 Euro per person.

Non-playing accompanying persons pay the same fees for full board as players (100 Euro before 14 July, 125 Euro before 4 August). No discounts will be given: players or accompanying persons who don't stay the full period, who skip meals or who only take meals but no accommodation, will still have to pay the fee for full board.

Cases of force majeure excepted, registration fees are non-refundable. Check with your national organization to find out how they handle payment of registration fees. See below for a list of representatives of national organizations.

If a player has paid the entire registration fee to his national association in a currency other than Euro, FESA will absorb the difference that results from exchange rate changes, if any. If a player has paid his national association a deposit only, upon arrival at RIKAB that player pays the difference between the registration fee that is due (100 or 125 Euro) and the amount FESA received from his national association.


The ESC and WOSC 2002 are organized under the auspices of the Federation of European Shogi Associations. The organizing committee consists of Hans Secelle (overall coordinator), Albrecht Heeffer (registrations secretary), Martin Danerud, Marc Theeuwen, Eddy Verhaeven and Pieter Stouten.


Country Organization

UK BSF Tony Hosking Stuart Patterson
Belgium Shogi Belgium Hans Secelle Eddy Verhaeven
Netherlands NShB Tom Kau Hugo Hollanders
France AFS Guillaume Schmidt Frederic Pottier
Germany Shogi Deutschland Thomas Majewski  
Norway Norsk Shogi Asle Olufsen Richard Bjerke
Sweden Sveriges Shogiförbund Martin Danerud Carl Johan Nilsson
Italy AIS Pieter Stouten Marco Durante
Austria ÖSV Thomas Pfaffel Gert Schnider
Russia ARSP Alexander Nosovsky     
Ukraine UFS Victor Shevchuk Viktoriya Ryasnyanska
Czech Republic    CFS Vojtech Hrabal Petr Kral
USA USSF Larry Kaufman George Fernandez
Canada Canada Shogi Federation    Brian Wald  
ESC/WOSC 2002 registrations secretary Albrecht Heeffer  

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