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Reijer Grimbergen:
  Probably the center of WWW Shogi is the Shogi.Net site. Here you can find all the links to all the Shogi info on the Web.
Myron Tay:
  The Shogi.Net site is a very VERY nice site. Heck, it's the only shogi site I bookmarked.
Odd Vidar Bakkejord:
  This page is so mind boggling and comprises not only all in shogi, but also the essence of go and other chess games and Japanese culture, that I can only see that my own page can organize something differently; nothing to add.
John Stryker:
  For the best one-stop source of Shogi information on the Web, I recommend the Shogi.Net site, a compilation of all Shogi resources found on the Web.
Chris Kmotorka:
  The Shogi.Net site is without a doubt the best place to begin.
Matt Leonard:
  The Shogi.Net site links to most other Shogi pages, and Shogi software.
Steve Evans:
  For anyone seeking further information on Shogi related WWW links or the SHOGI-L discussion list, I recommend the following page: the Shogi.Net site.
Dietrich Kappe:
  The Shogi.Net site: good information, lots of Shogi links.

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