kingThe Shogi Discussion List

shogi-l (the Shogi Discussion List) is a mailing list started on May 6, 1990 devoted to the strategic board game of Shogi. The list serves as a discussion point for Shogi-related topics and as a source of information about Shogi tactics and Shogi events. It also offers to Shogi players the possibility to engage in e-mail games in an ongoing ladder competition. The SHOGI-L message archive contains all postings to SHOGI-L from the beginning to the present. The SHOGI-L file archive contain many professional and amateur game scores and some Shogi software.

All you have to do to subscribe is send mail to:

shogi-subscribe AT topica DOT com

That's it. The body and the subject of the message are ignored.

To get information about shogi-l, go to the shogi-l information page. There you can also simply submit a web form to subscribe to the list.

If you have any questions, please visit the topica help system (click on "help" on the bottom of the screen).

The picture below shows the growth of SHOGI-L in terms of annual number of messages and total number of subscribers.


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