written by Kiyokazu Katsumata
translated by Takako Noda

This is a wonderful book by Kiyokazu Katsumata about openings that pop up, become popular
and mysteriously disappear again. The author has gracefully given permission to Takako Noda
to translate sections of his book and publish them on SHOGI-L, the Shogi Discussion List.

The book deals with 22 opening strategies (joseki), among others: spearing the sparrow, the
Morishita system, Yonenaga's quick-attack yagura (fortress), the Tsukata double-blitz-attack
and the Masuda-style Ishida.

About the author: Mr.Kiyokazu Katsumata was born in 1969. He became a professional shogi
player in March 1995, and is now active as a tournament pro as well as in writing shogi books.

Original title: Kieta sen-pou no nazo
ISBN: 4-89563-645-3
Publisher: Mainichi Communications Co.

Chapter 1: Yagura Section 1: Suzume-zashi


 plain text version
  Section 2: R-2i Formation


 plain text version
  Section 3: Morishita System


 plain text version
Chapter 2: Furibisha Section 5: Masuda-shiki Ishida-ryu


 plain text version
Chapter 4: Aigakari Section 2: Tsukata Special


 plain text version

Chapter 2: Furibisha Section 6: Sakataryu Mukaibisha    
Chapter 3: Kakugawari Section 1: Hayaguri-gin 1. 2. 3.    
  Section 2: Bogin 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.    
  Section 3: Suji-chigai-Kaku 9.    

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