MSO 2000 Shogi Festival Photo Gallery

All photos © Pieter Stouten

Aug 23 PM mso-p25.jpg Team Match: Fernandez, Christoffersen, L Kaufman
Aug 23 PM mso-p26.jpg Team Match: Nakao, Uemura
Aug 23 PM mso-p27.jpg Team Match: Ito, Oosterwijk
Aug 23 PM mso-p28.jpg Team Match: Makarov, Stepanov, L Kaufman, R Kaufman
Aug 23 PM mso-p29.jpg Team Match: overview with o.a. Segers, Oosterwijk, Hiroyuki Tatsutomi, Suwa
Aug 23 PM mso-p30.jpg Psychology in Shogi presentation: Secelle
Aug 23 PM mso-p32.jpg Nakao's Shogi Challenge: Nakao, Secelle
Aug 23 PM mso-p36.jpg Nakao's Shogi Challenge: Aurora, M Lamb, Olufsen, Thornvall
Aug 24 AM mso-p38.jpg Simul: Nakao, Mirnik, Roquas, Heeffer, R Kaufman
Aug 24 AM mso-p39.jpg Simul: L Kaufman, Werner, Tsukahara, Olufsen
Aug 24 AM mso-p40.jpg Simul: Nakao, Segers, Heeffer, Roquas, Mirnik
Aug 24 AM mso-p41.jpg Simul: Theeuwen, Hrabal, Rama, Hirokazu Tatsutomi
Aug 24 AM mso-p42.jpg Simul: Nakao, Fernandez, S Lamb, Dysart, Rapmund
Aug 24 AM mso-p43.jpg Simul: Theeuwen, Miseikyte, Hrabal, Rapmund, Olufsen, Nakao, Segers, Heeffer, Roquas
Aug 24 PM mso-p45.jpg Blitz: overview
Aug 24 PM mso-p46.jpg Blitz: Miseikyte, Aurora, Hrabal, Werner
Aug 24 PM mso-p47.jpg Kau, Iida, Secelle, Takahashi
Aug 26 PM mso-p49.jpg ESC: Ichiyanagi congratulates Hosking with becoming European Champion
Aug 27 AM mso-p50.jpg MSOWSC: overview with a.o. Weimann and Oosterwijk
Aug 27 AM mso-p51.jpg MSOWSC: Sato, Ito, S Lamb
Aug 27 AM mso-p52.jpg MSOWSC: Hosking, Fernandez
Aug 27 AM mso-p53.jpg MSOWSC: M Lamb, Bjerke, Rapmund, Danerud
Aug 27 AM mso-p54.jpg MSOWSC: Wolfram, Rama, Blommers
Aug 27 AM mso-p55.jpg MSOWSC: Gorissen, Kristiansson
Aug 27 AM mso-p56.jpg MSOWSC: Segers, Heeffer

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