Individual Pieces
1. Pawn (1)
2. Pawn (2)
3. Lance
4. Knight (1)
5. Knight (2)
6. Silver (1)
7. Silver (2)
8. Gold (1)
9. Gold (2)
10. Gold (3)
11. Gold (4)
12. Gold (5)
13. Bishop (1)
14. Bishop (2)
15. Horse
16. Dragon
17. Tokin (1)
18. Tokin (2)

1. Avoid a sitting King.

2. Don't put King and Rook close together.

3. Defend the King with 3 Generals.

4. In the Yagura opening, don't push the edge Pawn.

5. Push up the edge Pawn when playing the Mino-castle.

6. Don't put the King on the Bishop's diagonal.

7. In the opening push up Pawns in the odd-number files.

8. Make a vanguard Pawn, then make it stick.

9. The 5e Vanguard Pawn is the Tennozan Mountain.

10. The 4e Vanguard Pawn is the Tennozan Mountain.

11. There are Three Advantages to Pawn-Exchange in the Rook File

12. Don't Push the 5th file-Pawn in Bishop-Exchange

1. Against a Silver in front of its Pawn, defend with a Pawn.

2. With three Pawns in hand, a joining Pawn and a dangling Pawn.

3. Recapture the Vanguard with a Joining Pawn.

4. Against Ranging Rook, aim at a Bishop's Exchange.

5. Range your Rook onto the strategic foothold.

6. If there is an unprotected piece, you won't be stuck for a move.

7. Begin your attack with a sacrifice Pawn push.

1. Approach the King by Surrounding him.

2.Drive the King to the back rank.

3.Against a King on the edge, push the edge Pawn.

4.A Knight at the head of the King is hard to approach.

5.Drop a Silver at the King's belly.

6.Drop a Silver behind the King.

7.An attack with four pieces won't fail.

8.In the endgame, speed is more important than material profit.

1.Drop where your opponent wants to drop.

2.Defend against major pieces by drawing them closer.

3.Don't run from a fork.

4.Take two for one, even if there is a Pawn in it.

5.Early escape is worth eight moves.