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Oote yori mo shibari
Squeeze first, check later

Gyoku no mamori wa kin gin sammai
Defend the King with three Generals

Gyoku hi chikasuberakazu
Don't put King and Rook close together

Gyoku wa kakusuji o sake yo
Don't put the King on the Bishop's diagonal

Gyoku no hayanige wa hatte no toku ari
Early escape by the King is worth eight moves

Igyoku wa sake yo
A sitting King is a sitting duck

Ippu senkin
A Pawn is worth a thousand golds

Fu no nai shoogi wa makeshoogi
Without Pawns in hand the game is lost

Fuzume ni tsumi ari
If there is a mate with a Pawn drop, there is a legal mate as well

Shikake wa fu no tsukisute kara
Start the fight with a Pawn sacrifice

Te no nai shoogi wa hashfi o tsuke
If you are stuck for moves, push the edge Pawn

Nimaigae nara fu to mo se yo
Take two pieces for one even if they are Pawns

Tokin no osohaya
A Tokin is faster than you think

Kinsoko no fu wa iwa yori katashi
A Pawn-anchored gold is more solid than a rock

Keima no takatobi fu no ejiki
The far jumping Knight falls prey to a Pawn

San-kei areba tsumanu koto nashi
With three Knights in hand, start looking for a mate

Kin nashi shoogi ni uke-te nashi
Without a gold in hand there is no defence

Kin wa todome ni nokose
Save a gold for last

Oogoma wa chikazukete uke yo
Defend against major pieces by drawing them closer

Joban wa hisha yori kaku
In the opening the Bishop is more important than the Rook

Teki no uchitai tokoro e ute
Drop where your opponent wants to drop

Shuuban wa koma no sondoku yori sokudo
In the endgame speed is more important than material

Kachishoogi wa oni no gotoshi
A won game is like a devil

Zokute ni myooshi ga ari
A vulgar move may be brilliant

Okame hachimoku
The bystander has the best view of the game

Tsumi yori hisshi
Tsume is better than hisshi

Exchanging your Rook Pawn gives a four-fold advantage

Without Pawns the game is lost

A Pawn-anchored Gold is as solid as a Rook

Ranging Rook needs a Static Bishop

A four piece mating net will always catch its prey

Bringthe Horse back to camp

The stab in the back is the best way to get a Gold in hand

5e is a strategic point

In slow games the Bishop is the main performer

Watch the files where Pawns can be dropped

Two Golds are better line ahead than line abreast

Drop the Lance as far backas possible

With a Gold on your back rank you can sacrifice the Rook

Knights fork

Every floating piece leaves a chink in your armour

A floating Rook attacks a retreating Rook defends

With Bishops off don't move the centre Pawn

Checks don't pay

Attack with Rook, Bishop, Knight and Silver

With a Ranging Rook build a Mino

Beware the peeping Bishop

Rooks and Bishops need open lines

The Silvers are the pivots of attack and defence

No Golds - no mate

When all else fails,interpose

To play a floating Rook hurry with the edge Pawn

If the Golds and Silvers go high let the King follow them

With Static Rook against Static Rook keep a Gold beside the Bishop

Tie the King up

A flanKing Silver is the first step to brinkmate

Draw the Gold diagonally forward

Oppose Bishop with Bishop

Silvers before Golds

The Dragon belongs in the promotion zone

Knights like to be sacrificed

Oppose the enemy's right Silver

Better a Pawn than a tempo.

In the opening move the odd numbered Pawns

Drive the King back for an easier mate

Against an edge King push the edge Pawn

A watchtower Bishop has more scope

Brinkmate before mate

Lance drop 8f is joseki

Help is no defence

Keep the King and Rook apart

Attack is the best defence

The Mino is weak against Knights

Use the Silver like a plover

A Pawn is worth its weight in Gold

Don't run away from a fork

Never attack too soon

Rooks know how to defend

Two Lances are better than one

The entering King is safe

Sacrifice - the key to mate

Drop a Pawn at the focal point

Think before you check

The wall Silver is bad shape

The Bishop's diagonal is difficult to block

Think before you retreat

A Meijin needs no joseki

The Lance's worst enemy is a Pawn

Pros don't take pieces

When your opponent plays on the right, look left

Make your pieces work

Common sense is not absolute

Make a bolthole for your King

Endgames are won on confidence

In endgames the King is the main performer

The bigger the handicap the bigger the King

Fight hardest when you are behind

When you have found the best move look for a better one

The enemy's vital point is your own

Oppose a Reclining Silver with a Pawn or another Reclining Silver

Aim at the next good move

When there is a floating piece there is always a move

Watch the opposing Rook

Exchange of pieces is a profit for the weaker player

To develop the Silver, sacrifice Pawns

Castle befor you fight

The Climbing Silver can be beaten

The board has 81 squares

Attacks grow from seed pieces

With Pawns in hand consider an edge attack

Kings follow Kings

If your pieces cry, so do you

In slow games switch the Bishop to the right

Amateurs dream, professionals think

Watch what the opponent is aiming at

Aim at effective pieces

Avoid loss of material

Defend the head of the Bishop with a Gold

Against the Ranging Rook put the King on the second rank

Keep the King off the Bishop's diagonal

Discovered check has no defence

The way forward is often to pull a Gold back

A Shogi King's home is his castle

Knights and Silvers must always think twice befor promoting

The hardest road for the Rook is dead ahead

Even Rooks and Bishops can be sacrificed

Drop Pawn agains Pawn to recover position

The side-stepping Knight foils the best laid plans

Drop major pieces at a distance

Though a General a Silver is the Rook's lieutenant

In the opening don't allow a one-sided exchange of Rook Pawns

A Rook on the second rank stops a quick mate

Don't fear major pieces in front of their Pawns

Three General make the best Royal Bodyguard

Before dropping a Knight move it one square back

The wrong order of moves is a good way to lose

Reversing Gold and Silver is vulgar style

The promotion sacrifice is a high-class finesse

A Ranging Rook is a good middle game move

Pawn strikes cause havoc in the opponent's camp

A clumsy Climbing Silver is no threat to the opponent

The beginner loves his Rook more than his King

Remember Pawns can mate too

Opening: tempo; Middle-game: profit; Endgame: speed

Oppose a vanguard Silver with a Pawn

Suppost a vanguard Pawn with a General

Without Golds there is no defence

A Horse is worth three Generals

Don't answer traps with traps

Advance Pawn and Silver side by side

A King in front of his Knight is hard to attack

A Lance behind a Rook is twice as sharp

A Tokin on the seventh rank is diabolical

TaKing the side Pawn is to grasp the nettle

A Silver in front of an enemy Knight is joseki

A King in front of his Pawns is easy meat

Bishops and Knights are weak in the head

In the fortress don't push the edge Pawn till the King is round the corner

The all-powerful joining-Pawn attack starts with Pawns in hand

The head of a Silver is a vital square

Keep balance

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