July 26 - 29, 2018 in Berlin (Germany)

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29 May 2018
5:48 pm

Player profile of: Milosz Roman

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2018-05-202 Kyu15571782213 (59%)
2018-012 Kyu155715651 (20%)
2017-072 Kyu15821514321 (48%)
2017-012 Kyu15561083820 (52%)
2016-074 Kyu1318702012 (60%)
2016-014 Kyu1322502915 (51%)
2015-077 Kyu116521179 (52%)
2015-01 1121442 (50%)
17893 (52%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
7th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2018-04-28 - 2018-04-291561-4223 
7th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2018-04-141579-1844 
Spring Tournament, Wroclaw2018-03-181559+2025 
New Year's tournament, Wroclaw2018-01-071557-1275 
4th Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2017-11-121582-2565 
European Youth Shogi Championship 2017 Open Side Tournament, Wroclaw2017-07-22 - 2017-07-231483+99118 
6th Polish Open Championship, Warszawa2017-04-22 - 2017-04-231502-19227 
2nd Shogi Nami Cup, Wroclaw2017-04-091518-1685 
Tournament for beginners II, Wroclaw2017-03-261533-1569 
6th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2017-03-181514+1924 
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2017, Wroclaw2017-02-041530-1655 
Wroclaw Shogi League 1-20172017-01-061556-2645 
Wroclaw Shogi League 3-20162016-12-111528+2835 
4th Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2016-11-20 - 2016-11-211485+43992 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2016, Wroclaw2016-11-111424+6135 
Wroclaw Shogi League 1-2016, Wroclaw2016-10-301413+11453 Kyu
5th Open Krakow Championship, Krakow2016-10-221365+4835 
3rd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2016-09-24 - 2016-09-251318+47169 
Spring Shogi Tournament, Wroclaw2016-03-201329-1145 
1st Open Rybnik Championship, Rybnik2016-03-051326+385 
5th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2016-02-271335-985 
Wroclaw Club New Year Tournament, Wroclaw2016-01-031322+1355 
VII Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2015-12-27 - 2015-12-291296+261994 Kyu
II Soto Cup Warsaw2015-11-211292+485 
Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2015-11-111287+585 
4th Open Krakow Championship, Krakow2015-10-171283+485 
2nd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2015-09-271165+118955 Kyu
4th Polish Open Championship, Wroclaw2015-06-06 - 2015-06-071145+202377 Kyu
Wroclaw Shoji Club Training Tournament, Wroclaw2015-05-091146-145 
New Year's Tournament, Wroclaw2015-01-061121+25358 Kyu
Polish National Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2014-11-201121* 34