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Last updated

14 Oct 2018
11:56 am

Player profile of: Dawid Paradowski

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2018-11-252 Dan18381873524 (68%)
2018-071 Dan17991527151 (71%)
2018-011 Kyu1625812212 (54%)
2017-072 Kyu1523595432 (59%)
2017-01 1035551 (20%)
187120 (64%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
5th Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2018-11-101862-2435 
3rd Shogi Nami Cup2018-10-131870-825 
5th Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2018-09-231879-915 
ESC/WOSC 2018, Berlin2018-07-27 - 2018-07-291818+812092 Dan
WOSC Team Tournament 2018, Berlin2018-07-261799+19314 
European Youth Shogi Championship 2018 U-18, Wroclaw2018-06-30 - 2018-07-011745+54481 Dan
III Turniej Shogi o Puchar ZSAPW, Wroclaw2018-06-171719+2615 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2018-06-131702+1712 
2nd Polish Youth Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2018-06-02 - 2018-06-031663+3947 
Shogi Hanami, Wroclaw2018-05-201625+3816 
7th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2018-04-28 - 2018-04-291615+10107 
Handicap tournament Group B, Wroclaw2018-04-221582+3317 
Spring Tournament, Wroclaw2018-03-181620-3845 
Handicap Tournament Group B, Wroclaw2018-02-041662-3047 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2018-01-131621+4157 
New Year's tournament, Wroclaw2018-01-071625-455 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2017-12-161630-5671 Kyu
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2017-11-251610+2051 
4th Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2017-11-121562+4825 
4th Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2017-09-09 - 2017-09-101523+3979 
European Youth Shogi Championship 2017 U-18, Wroclaw2017-07-22 - 2017-07-231507+16572 Kyu
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2017-05-061457+5043 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2017-05-051446+1141 
6th Polish Open Championship, Warszawa2017-04-22 - 2017-04-231433+132173 Kyu
2nd Shogi Nami Cup, Wroclaw2017-04-091368+6555 
Tournament for beginners II, Wroclaw2017-03-261284+84584 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League 3-2017, Wroclaw2017-03-051185+99355 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2017, Wroclaw2017-02-041172+13656 Kyu
Tournament for beginners, Wroclaw2017-01-291071+101687 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League 1-20172017-01-061035+36559 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League 3-20162016-12-111035* 95