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Last updated

14 Oct 2018
11:56 am

Player profile of: Boris Baydenko

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2018-11-252 Dan19507811412 (85%)
2018-072 Dan19727673232 (100%)
2018-012 Dan19337355544 (80%)
2017-072 Dan19806805244 (84%)
2017-012 Dan19786286051 (85%)
2016-072 Dan18945689379 (84%)
2016-011 Dan17144755744 (77%)
2015-071 Kyu17154186154 (88%)
2015-011 Kyu16753576047 (78%)
2014-071 Kyu16772977055 (78%)
2014-012 Kyu16062271916 (84%)
2013-072 Kyu15952083023 (76%)
2013-012 Kyu15551785037 (74%)
2012-072 Kyu15581283025 (83%)
2012-013 Kyu1476982926 (89%)
2011-074 Kyu134169138 (61%)
2011-014 Kyu131356125 (41%)
2010-075 Kyu125444  
2010-015 Kyu1254442011 (55%)
2009-076 Kyu1165241810 (55%)
2009-01 1354666 (100%)
781629 (80%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
One day tournament, Kyiv2018-09-011949+122 
Nezalezhnist Shogi Open, Kliv2018-08-24 - 2018-08-261956-726 
Kyiv one day tournament2018-08-111955+112 
Kyiv one day tournament2018-07-211972-1714 
Odessa Shogi Open 20182018-06-30 - 2018-07-011969+316 
Kyiv Shogi Open 20182018-05-26 - 2018-05-271950+1916 
One day tournaments, Kyiv2018-05-201948+212 
One day tournament Kyiv2018-05-131942+613 
One day tournament Kyiv2018-04-291942+031 
One day tournament Kyiv2018-04-151942+051 
Kyiv Spring Shogi tournament - 20182018-03-24 - 2018-03-251941+123 
One day tournament, Kyiv2018-03-041941+012 
One day tournament, Kyiv2018-03-031936+513 
One day tournament, Kyiv2018-02-111934+212 
One day tournament, Kyiv2018-01-281933+113 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship 2017, Kyiv2017-12-09 - 2017-12-101916+1716 
One day shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-12-031914+213 
Shogi Day Celebration, Kyiv2017-11-18 - 2017-11-191916-226 
One day shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-11-121915+113 
Open tournament, 7th International Shogi Forum, Kitakyushu2017-10-291935-20155 
A class, 7th International Shogi Forum, Kitakyushu2017-10-28 - 2017-10-291938-3181 
Preliminaries, 7th International Shogi Forum, Kitakyushu2017-10-281948-10233 
One day shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-10-221947+113 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-10-151942+513 
Ukraine Shogi Cup 20172017-10-07 - 2017-10-081949-726 
Nezalezhnist Shogi Open 2017, Odessa2017-08-26 - 2017-08-271963-1427 
ESC/WOSC, Kiev2017-08-04 - 2017-08-061980-17209 
Odessa Shogi Open2017-06-24/271973+717 
Kyiv Shogi Open2017-05-27 - 2017-05-281940+3316 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-05-071945-523 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-04-301930+1513 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-04-231926+424 
One day Shogi tournament in Kyiv2017-04-091934-813 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv Shogi club2017-03-121944-1024 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv Shogi Club2017-02-261925+1914 
One day Shogi tournaments, Kyiv2017-02-191939-1425 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2017-02-121970-3133 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2017-02-051983-1313 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2017-01-221979+413 
Christmas Shogi 2017, Odessa2017-01-081978+114 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship, Kiev2016-12-24/251962+1616 
Ukraine Shogi Cup - 20162016-11-061941+2116 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2016-10-161937+414 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-10-091934+313 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-09-251911+2314 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-09-111909+225 
Nezalezhnist Open 2016, Kiev2016-08-27 - 2016-08-281905+416 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-08-211869+3615 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-08-141863+625 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-07-311882-1933 
1st Open Polish Youth Shogi Championship - Side Tournament, Wroclaw2016-07-23 - 2016-07-241898-1658 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-07-101894+425 
Odessa Shogi Open - 20162016-06-25 - 2016-06-281865+2919 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-06-191818+4714 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-06-121821-324 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-06-051860-3944 
Kiev Shogi Open 20162016-05-28 - 2016-05-291867-7562 Dan
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-05-151860+724 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-05-081814+4614 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2016-04-241759+5514 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-04-171774-1554 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-04-101791-1724 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-04-031780+1116 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-03-271779+113 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-03-201769+1013 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-02-141756+1315 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-02-071751+516 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-01-311759-825 
Shogi tournament in Odessa2016-01-23 - 2016-01-241753+617 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev, Moscow2016-01-171737+1616 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-01-101714+2315 
Ukrainian Championship2015-12-20 - 2015-12-211686+2816 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-12-131692-623 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-12-051745-5345 
Ukraine Cup - 20152015-11-08 - 2015-11-091748-315 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-11-011738+1013 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-10-181727+1114 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2015-10-111712+1513 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2015-10-041737-2534 
2nd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2015-09-271738-165 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-09-201747-924 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-09-061752-523 
ESC/WOSC 2015, Prague, Czech Republic2015-08-21 - 2015-08-231729+232891 Dan
One day Shoji tournament2015-08-091715+1413 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-06-131705+1014 
Kiev Shogi Open2015-05-30 - 2015-05-311683+2216 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-05-171670+1314 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-05-101676-616 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-05-031701-2533 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-04-261687+1413 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-03-221711-2436 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-03-221696+1514 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-02-221705-925 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-02-011715-1015 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-01-251702+1315 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-01-181689+1315 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-12-281675+1415 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-12-211710-3535 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-12-141700+1015 
Ukrainian Championship 2014, Kiev2014-12-06 - 2014-12-071676+2416 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-11-301664+1213 
Ukraine Cup, Kiev: 2014-11-08 - 2014-11-091643+2126 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-09-281630+1313 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-09-141680-5054 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-09-071665+1514 
Nezalezhnist Open2014-08-301681-1625 
Kiev Shogi Club2014-07-261667+1413 
EC/WOSC 2014, Budapest/Hungary2014-07-18 - 2014-07-201676-9379 
Kiev Shogi Club2014-07-131689-1334 
Kiev Shogi Club2014-06-291677+1213 
One day shoji tournament, Kiev2014-06-151662+1513 
Kiev Shogi Open2014-05-31 - 2014-06-011591+71361 Kyu
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-05-251579+1213 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-05-181566+1313 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-05-111548+1814 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-05-041558-1013 
ISF 2014 preliminary tournament, Ukraine2014-04-25 - 2014-04-261558+056 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-03-301557+114 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-03-221540+1714 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-03-161523+1713 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-03-081532-924 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2014-02-221564-3225 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-02-151596-3233 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-02-011578+914 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-01-261568+1013 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-01-251592-2424 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-01-191606-1414 
Ukrainian Championship, Kiev2013-12-21 - 2013-12-221598+814 
Kiev Shogi Club,2013-12-151589+913 
One day Shogi handicap tournament, Kiev2013-10-271581+814 
Ukraine Cup, Kiev2013-10-05 - 2013-10-061583-225 
Kiev one day Shogi handicap tournament2013-09-221595-1223 
Kiev One day Shogi tournament2013-06-301612-1723 
Kiev One day Shogi tournament2013-06-221599+1313 
Kiev One day Shogi tournament2013-06-151593+624 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2013-06-021578+1513 
Kiev Shogi Open 20132013-05-25 - 2013-05-261562+1636 
Kiev One day Shogi tournament2013-04-131570-824 
Kiev One day Shogi tournament2013-02-161545+2514 
Kiev One day Shogi tournament2013-01-071555-1013 
Ukraine Shogi Championship-20122012-12-29 - 2012-12-301522+3316 
Ukraine Cup2012-12-01 - 2012-12-021523-126 
Kiev one day shogi handicap tournament2012-11-171531-833 
Kiev one day shogi handicap tournament, 2012-11-031523+814 
Kiev one day shogi handicap tournament2012-10-201521+213 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-10-131508+1313 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-10-061514-614 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-09-221494+2014 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-09-151537-4363 
Nezalezhnist Open 20122012-08-311557-2017 
EC/WOSC 2012, Krakow/Poland2012-07-13 - 2012-07-151558-1417 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-06-241541+1713 
Kiev Shogi Open-20122012-05-26 - 2012-05-271507+34362 Kyu
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-05-131488+1913 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-04-011460+2815 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-03-041463-323 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament, 2012-02-261491-2833 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-02-191470+2113 
Kiev Christmas one day tournament2012-01-081476-624 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship2011-12-24 - 2011-12-251449+2716 
Kiev shogi one day tournament2011-12-181426+2314 
Ukraine Cup 2011 tournament2011-11-061408+18353 Kyu
Kiev one day2011-10-231377+3115 
Kiev shogi one day2011-10-021347+3014 
Kiev shogi one day tournament2011-08-181341+625 
Kiev One day2011-06-191341+013 
Kiev shogi one day tournament2011-06-111312+2914 
Kiev Shogi Open 20112011-05-291313-156 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship, Rivne2010-12-11 - 2010-12-121337-24864 Kyu
Rivne Shogi Open 20102010-08-21- 2010-08-221254+8366 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship, Rivne2009-12-12 - 2009-12-131286-32106 
Rivne Open2009-08-22 - 2009-08-231206+801265 Kyu
Ukranian tournament, Kiev2009-08-081175+3134 
Kiev tournament2009-07-191165+1034 
Ukrainian Qualification Tournament for WSC, Rivne2009-05-02 - 2009-05-031175-10966 Kyu
Minsk Shogi Open2009-03-28 - 2009-03-291178-31077 Kyu
Ukranian shogi tournament, Kiev2009-01-171178* 258 Kyu
Ukrainian Shogi Championship, Rivne2008-12-20 - 2008-12-211354* 196