The International Chu Shogi Ladder

The present ladder (Fri Feb 24 19:30:12 2006) rankings and ongoing games

PositionGrade Name Countrye-mailNow playing vs. # Declined games Games played
1Ruud StoelmanRStoelman@aol.com18,22-2
2Eduard Werneredi(dot)werner(at)gmx(dot)de--6
3Thomas MajewskiThomas.Majewski@wabco-auto.com7-1
6Joe Petersonjeepeterson@yahoo.com17-5
9James Zyduckjimbobbillyboy@cs.com17-4
10Rob Favelrfavel@telus.net14-4
13Kevin LoughranKevlar56@aol.com7--
14Bartsch Tam?ratna@freemail.hu10-2
17Graham Allengoalkeeper183@cox.net6,9-1
18Rick Brownpbmgames@sonic.net1,24--
19John Weathershotanguish@hotmail.com16,24--
21Chin Shuenn
22Jean Arbergjeanp_a@yahoo.fr1--
24Ron Tischlerrontischler@aol.com7,18,19--

You can challenge anyone up to 5 places above you (or higher if these are all engaged, decline your challenge, of if you just need more games).

  • Now playing vs. #..n
    The player is now playing a game vs. the player(s) number "n" in the ladder
  • Declined games
    Persons, who refuse 5 challenges in a row will be dropped to the lowest rank, unless they have informed the coordinator of a temporary absence.
  • ?(n) "n" unsuccessful tries to send email (host or user unknown) Entries marked with ? are not counted as a position when looking for a person who is higher on the list. They will be dropped to the lowest rank after some unsuccessful tries to reach them. Finally, they will be removed from the list.

  • Games played
    Number of games completed on the ladder since May 18, 2000

    If you want to assign yourself a grade (or change it), let me know.
  • If there are any mistakes, please let me know immediately.

    Please keep me informed of challenges, accepts, refusals, results, and very importantly failure of someone to reply a challenge.

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    Eduard Werner, Chu Shogi ladder coordinator


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