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Subject: Re: Copyright of game score

Hi all.

For shogi scores,I believe amatuers's scores are generary not copyrighted.
But those of pro's are not.  Those scores are considerd to be a propaty of
JSF and its sponsores such as major newpapers who publish the scores.If you
think all shogi scores ARE NOT copyrighted, try publishing pro's sores for
free or at a cost. I 'm sure you will get sued by JSF.

I strongly believe all shogi scores without added value should be free to
access as chess. And I hope someday this comes true in the way of
glovalization of shogi.


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Subject: Re: Copyright of game score

> Hi, everyone.
> Marc, Larry, Sam, and Andy, thank you for yor reply on my post on
> copyright.
> Your comments were very helpful for me, and I now understand that game
> score of chess, and of course shogi, is not under copyright in at least
> US
> and European copyright law. I have also seen similar kind of discussion
> among Japanese such as game score of shogi is no more than game score
> of baseball, and I believe the discussion of copyright between FIDE and
> chess
> players also applies to Japanese law.
> The article that Marc recommended,
> that Tim wrote was very interesting. His discussion is not only rational
> and
> reasonable, but also full of love for chess He worries about the outcome
> when game score was to be protected by copyright. I have the same worry
> toward Japanese shogi, where most people are not willing to exchange
> game score because of the unnecessary fear. I introduced this discussion
> on a Japanese BBS, and I hope Japanese people will better understand
> this issue.
> Thank you for forwarding my message, Mark.
> Best regards,
> Katsutoshi Seki