From: Katsutoshi Seki <sekik <at> TKA <dot> ATT <dot> NE <dot> JP>

Subject: Re: Copyright of game score

Hi, everyone.

Marc, Larry, Sam, and Andy, thank you for yor reply on my post on
Your comments were very helpful for me, and I now understand that game
score of chess, and of course shogi, is not under copyright in at least
and European copyright law. I have also seen similar kind of discussion
among Japanese such as game score of shogi is no more than game score
of baseball, and I believe the discussion of copyright between FIDE and
players also applies to Japanese law.

The article that Marc recommended,
that Tim wrote was very interesting. His discussion is not only rational
reasonable, but also full of love for chess He worries about the outcome
when game score was to be protected by copyright. I have the same worry
toward Japanese shogi, where most people are not willing to exchange
game score because of the unnecessary fear. I introduced this discussion
on a Japanese BBS, and I hope Japanese people will better understand
this issue.

Thank you for forwarding my message, Mark.

Best regards,

Katsutoshi Seki