Quest of the lost systems

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Chapter One: Yagura
Section 2: Formation with black Rook on 2i

Black aims at the 5th and/or 6th file, where White is less guarded because of his bo-gin positioning. The idea was good, but the moves to realize it were rather awkward and apparently vulnerable, reflecting the undeveloped concept.

Moves after Diagram 1:( from White)

       S-8d;     P-6e   S-7c;     S-6f   K-2b;     G7h-7g 

Those moves, S-6f through G7h-7g by Nakahara, caused a sensation at the time. Some cited an old saying "There's no must for meijin" (meijin ni joseki nashi=No joseki for meijin). Indeed the position after those moves would have invited criticism, if it hadn't been made by meijin. But this position became a big hit among top-class players.

One player who was benefited most by this formation would be Osamu Nakamura (now 8-dan), who won the shin-jin-oh crown (king of rookie players), and got himself the Osho title from Nakahara. The R-2i was his favorite formation, which presumably matched his own playing style.

  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1
+---------------------------+       White in hand: nothing
|wL wN  *  *  *  *  * wN wL |a
| * wR  *  *  *  * wG wK  * |b
|wP  * wS wP  * wG wS wP wP |c
| *  * wP wB wP wP wP  *  * |d
| * wP  *  *  *  *  *  * bP |e
| *  * bP bP bP  * bP bP  * |f
|bP bP bS bG  * bP bN  *  * |g
| *  * bG bB  * bS  *  *  * |h      Black in hand: nothing
|bL bN bK  *  *  *  * bR bL |i
Diagram 2. Nakamura(b) vs Miyata(w), up to R-2i.

Diagram 2 shows where Black placed his R on 2i in the Shin-jin-oh-sen game between Nakamura(b) and Miyata(w), a prototype game, played on 31st October, 1983. See for yourself how White opened fire only to fall prey to Black's trap.

Moves after Diagram 2: (from White)

      P-7e;   N-2e,S-2d;   P-6e,B-4b;   Px7e,P-6d;   Px6d,Sx6d;
B-4f, P-5e;   S-5g,Sx7e;   P*7f,P-8f;   Px8f,Sx8f;   Bx5e,P*6d;
Sx8f, Rx8f;   P*8g,R-8b;   P-4f,...

Against White's P-7e, Black countered with N-2e through P-6e. A few moves later Black played S-5g, Nakamura's finesse, which put S, laid up idle in suzume-zashi, onto the center field. While letting White take P on 8f by Sx8f, Black countered by Bx5e (if (w)R-9b, then (b)P*8d), followed by (b)P-4f, which made Black happy.

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