About Java Shogi Board

Java Shogi Board displays an animated shogi diagram, based on a game score read from a file.

Note: The program really takes a while to load. Please be patient.

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Data Java Source Everything
  • endgame1.psn
  • odds1.psn
  • tsume1.psn
  • tsume2.psn


  • Enum_PGNTokens.java
  • Enum_ShogiPieces.java
  • ShogiBoard.java
  • ShogiGame.java
  • ShogiInputStream.java
  • ShogiMove.java
  • ShogiViewer.java
  • shogiboard.zip (48k) current release
    shogiboard_rel_4.zip (57k) test release


  • classes
  • Java source
  • graphic images
  • sample data
  • sample HTML

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    Patrick Davin
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