Tsumeshogi Paradise

Q: What is Tsumeshogi Paradise?
A: Founded in 1954, Tsumeshogi Paradise is the world's only monthly magazine devoted to tsumeshogi.
Each issue is filled with 100 or more tsumeshogi in all ranges of difficulty.
Over the years, hundreds of celebrated tsumeshogi have made their first appearance on the pages of Tsumeshogi Paradise.
Problems are submitted by pros and amateurs alike.

Q: Who reads Tsumeshogi Paradise?
A: Tsumeshogi Paradise's 10,000 readers include top stars such as Ryuo Koji Tanigawa, Oi Yoshiharu Habu, Yasumitsu Sato (8-dan), Toshiyuki Moriuchi (8-dan) and indeed most all pro shogi players.

Q: Do I need to know Japanese to enjoy Tsumeshogi Paradise?
A: Not necessarily.
Problem diagrams are essentially the same as those in Shogi Nexus.
Solutions are in an easily learned standard notation.
Yes, for those who want a real workout, the written text is Japanese.

Q: How do I reach Tsumeshogi Paradise?
A: Write to:

Tsumeshogi Paradise
Number 5 Tabuchi Building 2F
Temma 3-7-8 Kita-ku Osaka
530 Japan

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: A check drawn for the appropriate amount in Japanese yen is preferred.
If this is difficult or inconvenient in your area, other major currencies will be accepted.

Overseas rates (postage included) are as follows:

Sample issue   800 yen (mention Tsumeshogi Challenge)
6 months      4800 yen
One year      9600 yen

Q: How can I find out more about Tsumeshogi Paradise?
A: Write to the above address or email to:

Shogi Nexus
davin [at] shogi [dot] net

We will be happy to answer or forward any questions.

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98 September 13

Patrick Davin
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