Shogi proverbs are technical tips that will lead you in the right direction when you are not sure what to play. Just about any shogi player must have an embarrassing experience or two of having played exactly opposite to what those proverbs teach. Probably, the proverbs are such stuff that afterthoughts are made on.

The commentaries were written by Masahiko Urano Pro-7dan in his book titled "Shogi Kakugen Mame Jiten (Tiny dictionary of Shogi proverbs) " published by Mainichi Communications Co. in August 1999. Mr.Urano gave me permission to publish the translation here, saying he'd be happy if those proverbs with his commentaries could help beginning players around the world.

Mr.Edward Strickland in the United States kindly agreed to go over the drafts for me. Without his generous support and encouragement, this project would never have been possible.

Takako Tombo Noda