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Last updated

19 Dec 2021
5:12 pm

Player profile of: Mykola Yashchur

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2021-12-121 Kyu1637728109 (90%)
2021-071 Kyu155971855 (100%)
2021-011 Kyu154771374 (57%)
2020-071 Kyu1550706126 (50%)
2020-011 Kyu15666942815 (53%)
2019-071 Kyu1569666135 (38%)
2019-011 Kyu1535653216 (28%)
2018-071 Kyu1420632377 (18%)
2018-011 Kyu15445953715 (40%)
2017-071 Kyu1656558237 (30%)
2017-011 Kyu17225354526 (57%)
2016-072 Kyu15834905629 (51%)
2016-012 Kyu15084344825 (52%)
2015-073 Kyu14513865330 (56%)
2013-015 Kyu12101853212 (37%)
2012-075 Kyu12511533011 (36%)
2012-016 Kyu11761232915 (51%)
2011-077 Kyu112494136 (46%)
2011-019 Kyu9358163 (50%)
2010-0710 Kyu89575  
2010-0110 Kyu8957562 (33%)
2009-0710 Kyu9096952 (40%)
2009-0110 Kyu8816463 (50%)
2008-0710 Kyu87658  
2008-0110 Kyu8765863 (50%)
2007-0710 Kyu8425263 (50%)
2007-0111 Kyu8214653 (60%)
2006-0712 Kyu72641  
2006-0112 Kyu7264173 (42%)
2005-0712 Kyu7453482 (25%)
2005-0112 Kyu7522673 (42%)
2004-0712 Kyu7311974 (57%)
2004-0113 Kyu70812125 (41%)
580269 (46%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
One Day Shogi Open2021-10-161613+2414 
IV Open Ukrainian Shogi Championship2021-09-25 - 2021-09-261559+5426 
One day Shogi Open2021-05-221547+1215 
III Open Ukrainian Shogi Championship2020-10-03 - 2020-10-041550-347 
ISF Ukrainian Qualifying Tournament2020-03-14 - 2020-03-151518+3226 
IV Zhytomyr shogi one day 2 round2020-01-191527-933 
IV Zhytomyr shogi one day 1 round2020-01-191566-3943 
III Zhytomyr shogi one day2019-12-291590-2444 
Autumn Farewell Shogi Cup2019-11-30 - 2019-12-011578+1215 
II Open Ukrainian Shogi Championship, Zhytomyr2019-10-19 - 2019-10-201585-746 
ESC/WOSC Bratislava 20192019-08-16 - 2019-08-181557+28649 
Team Tournament ESC/WOSC Bratislava2019-08-151569-12294 
XXIII Rivne Shogi One Day tournament2019-06-091517+5213 
Japanese Days Competition, Zhytomyr2019-05-25 - 2019-05-261522-554 
XXII Rivne Shogi One Day Tournament2019-04-141528-633 
XXI Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20192019-03-241535-733 
XX Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20182018-12-301552-1743 
XIX Rivne Shogi One Day tournament2018-10-281564-1244 
Open Ukrainian Shogi Championship 2018, Zhytomyr2018-09-29 - 2018-09-301438+12615 
II Zhytomyr shogi one day2018-09-011403+3553 
Rivne Shogi Nezalezhnist Open 2018 2 round2018-08-261411-843 
Rivne Shogi Nezalezhnist Open 2018 1 round2018-08-261420-943 
XVII Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 2018, Minsk2018-07-091438-1854 
XVI Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20182018-06-171450-1243 
XIV Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20182018-05-201464-1443 
XII Rivne Shogi One Day tournament2018-04-231437+2733 
X Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20182018-04-071481-4476 
IX Rivne Shogi One Day tournament2018-03-181507-2643 
Kiyv Shogi One Day tournament2018-03-061483+2434 
VIII Rivne Shogi One Day tournament2018-02-251510-2743 
Zhytomyr Shogi One Day tournament 20182018-02-041519-934 
VII Rivne Shogi One Day tournament2018-01-071544-2554 
IV Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20172017-12-241575-3155 
III Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20172017-12-031573+223 
II Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20172017-11-191602-2944 
Rivne Shogi One Day tournament 20172017-11-131591+1134 
Zhytomyr Shogi Open 20172017-10-07 - 2017-10-081619-2896 
Zhytomyr Shogi Challenge 20172017-08-19 - 2017-08-201641-2246 
ESC/WOSC, Kiev2017-08-04 - 2017-08-061656-15419 
Kyiv Shogi Open2017-05-27 - 2017-05-281678-2276 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-05-071676+233 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-04-301700-2443 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv2017-04-231738-3854 
One day Shogi tournament in Kyiv2017-04-091711+2733 
One day Shogi tournament, Kyiv Shogi club2017-03-121722-1144 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship, Kiev2016-12-24/251709+1336 
Ukraine Shogi Cup - 20162016-11-061685+2436 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-09-251680+534 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-09-111700-2045 
Nezalezhnist Open 2016, Kiev2016-08-27 - 2016-08-281693+746 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-08-211704-1145 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-08-141727-2345 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-07-311636+9113 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-07-101583+53351 Kyu
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-06-191605-2254 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-06-051563+4234 
Kiev Shogi Open 20162016-05-28 - 2016-05-291515+4886 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-05-151522-744 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-05-081529-754 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2016-04-241538-964 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-04-171528+1044 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-04-101482+4644 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-02-071482+036 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-01-311483-135 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev, Moscow2016-01-171485-236 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2016-01-101508-2345 
Ukrainian Championship2015-12-20 - 2015-12-211497+1136 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-12-131507-1033 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-12-051511-425 
Ukraine Cup - 20152015-11-08 - 2015-11-091476+35352 Kyu
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2015-10-111489-1333 
One day shogi tournament, Kiev2015-10-041472+1744 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-09-201480-834 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-09-131459+2125 
One day Shogi tournament in Kiev2015-09-061480-2143 
One day Shoji tournament2015-08-091492-1233 
Minsk Shogi Open 20152015-07-18 - 2015-07-191451+41157 
Kiev Shogi Open2015-05-30 - 2015-05-311467-1646 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-05-101422+4536 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-05-031391+31433 Kyu
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-04-261395-433 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-03-221398-346 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-03-221396+234 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-02-221393+335 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-02-011390+335 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-01-251390+035 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2015-01-181390+035 
One day Shogi tournament, Kiev2014-12-281390+035 
Ukraine Shogi Championship-20122012-12-29 - 2012-12-301210+055 
Ukraine Cup2012-12-01 - 2012-12-021271-6166 
Kiev one day shogi handicap tournament2012-11-171280-943 
Kiev one day shogi handicap tournament, 2012-11-031245+3524 
Kiev one day shogi handicap tournament2012-10-201279-3443 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-10-131289-1033 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-10-061278+1154 
Kiev one day shogi tournament2012-09-151251+2754 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-06-241250+1335 Kyu
Kiev Shogi Open-20122012-05-26 - 2012-05-271198+5246 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-05-131198+033 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-04-011211-1345 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-03-041189+2233 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament, 2012-02-261153+3643 
Kiev Shogi one day tournament2012-02-191181-2843 
Kiev Christmas one day tournament2012-01-081176+534 
Ukrainian Shogi Championship2011-12-24 - 2011-12-251162+1436 
Kiev shogi one day tournament2011-12-181162+034 
Ukraine Cup 2011 tournament2011-11-061186-2465 
Kiev one day2011-10-231180+635 
Kiev shogi one day2011-10-021135+45246 Kyu
Kiev shogi one day tournament2011-08-181124+1135 
Kiev One day2011-06-191062+62337 Kyu
Kiev shogi one day tournament2011-06-111050+1234 
Kiev Shogi Open 20112011-05-29935+115668 Kyu
Rivne Shogi Open 20102010-08-21- 2010-08-22895+401669 Kyu
Rivne Open2009-08-22 - 2009-08-23909-14246 
Ukrainian Qualification Tournament for WSC, Rivne2009-05-02 - 2009-05-03881+28105 
Rivne Open2008-08-23 - 2008-08-24876+5136 
5th International Shogi Tournament, Rivne2007-08-25 - 2007-08-26842+34206 
BSPU Open shogi championship, Minsk (Belarus)2007-04-14 - 2007-04-15821+2112610 Kyu
4th International Shogi Tournament Awards of The Japanese Embassy in Ukraine, Rivne2006-08-25 - 2006-08-27726+9524511 Kyu
Shogi championship of Ukraine2005-12-24 - 2005-12-25745-19157 
3rd International Shogi Tournament Rivne2005-05-28 - 2005-05-29718+27466 
Rivne Shogi Open2005-05-08 - 2005-05-09752-34392 
Ukrainian championship, Rivne2004-12-25 - 2004-12-26731+21177 
Rivne Open 2004-02-28 - 2004-02-29708+2315712 Kyu
Shogi championship of Ukraine, Rivne2003-12-20 - 2003-12-21730-2224513 Kyu
1st Ukrainian youth shogi championship, Rivne2003-11-29 - 2003-11-30730* 157