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Last updated

30 Nov 2017
8:06 am

Player profile of: Kirill Levchenko

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2017-016 Kyu1164173  
2016-076 Kyu1164173  
2016-016 Kyu1164173  
2015-076 Kyu11641732915 (51%)
2015-016 Kyu12161442916 (55%)
2014-076 Kyu11091152110 (47%)
2014-017 Kyu1159942212 (54%)
2013-078 Kyu1045725227 (51%)
2013-0112 Kyu789202011 (55%)
17391 (52%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-05-231175-11153 
Cup of Young Generals 2015, Minsk2015-05-01 - 2015-05-021183-8227 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2015, 2nd preliminary round2015-02-28 - 2015-03-071204-21503 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-02-071187+1774 
Belarusian Under-14 Shogi Championship2015-01-31 - 2015-02-071163+2486 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-01-251193-30193 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-01-241216-23193 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20142014-12-13 - 2014-12-141171+45247 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-151134+37164 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-011161-27194 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-10-181113+4894 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-10-041114-163 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-09-211072+4224 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-09-071109-37253 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-05-241113-4133 
Minsk Shogi Open 20142014-04-12 - 2014-04-131155-42377 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-04-121176-2183 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-03-291147+29326 Kyu
Belarusian Under-10 Shogi Championship2014-01-18 - 2014-01-251159-1286 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-121150+9134 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-281126+2433 
Rivne Shogi Open2013-08-24 - 2013-08-251126+0236 
ESC/WOSC 2013, Minsk, Belarus2013-07-19 - 2013-07-211045+816597 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-261027+18144 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-19997+301948 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-05972+2562 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-07945+27154 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-06933+12104 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-03-24919+14103 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-03-23920-1549 Kyu
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, 1st preliminary round2013-03-09 - 2013-03-10871+4986 
Belarusian Under-10 Shogi Championship2013-02-16 - 2013-02-17900-2976 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-02-10878+22143 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-27844+3484 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-13832+1210410 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-12789+4311411 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-12-23768+216412 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-24770-2103 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-10741+2953 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-28701+406413 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-27701* 63 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-13638* 133