July 26 - 29, 2018 in Berlin (Germany)

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28 Mar 2018
7:14 pm

Player profile of: Evgeny Serebryakov

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2018-03-187 Kyu11096563 (50%)
2018-017 Kyu108859104 (40%)
2017-077 Kyu1065492710 (37%)
2017-019 Kyu93922178 (47%)
2016-0713 Kyu76610102 (20%)
7027 (38%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
VI Yury Shpilev Memorial, St.Petersburg2018-01-06 - 2018-01-071088+21156 
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-12-231069+1985 
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-11-181065+495 
Shogi in the Japan Center, St.Petersburg2017-05-281058+7647 Kyu
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-04-221091-33102 
6th Cup of Consul General of Japan, St.Petersburg2017-03-25 - 2017-03-261006+85166 
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-02-25972+3432 
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-02-11999-2762 
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-02-041003-4548 Kyu
Shogi in Timiryazev Library, St.Petersburg2017-02-02998+562 
V Yury Shpilev Memorial, St.Petersburg2017-01-07 - 2017-01-08939+59145 
Winter tournament, St.Petersburg2016-12-18937+2629 Kyu
Regular monthly tournament, St.Petersburg2016-11-13933+29659 Kyu
Regular monthly tournament, St.Petersburg2016-10-09864+694510 Kyu
Regular monthly tournament, St. Petersburg2016-10-09766+984512 Kyu
564 Spring Tournament, 2016-03-20730+3616413 Kyu
11th Christmas Shogi Tournament - Yury Shpilev Memorial, St.Petersburg2016-01-09 - 2016-01-10730* 266