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31 Jan 2021
10:48 pm

Player profile of: Anton Mahin

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2021-01-172 Dan1949367  
2021-012 Dan1949367  
2020-072 Dan1949367  
2020-012 Dan194936776 (85%)
2019-072 Dan193036031 (33%)
2019-012 Dan195335798 (88%)
2018-072 Dan1895348  
2018-012 Dan1895348  
2017-072 Dan1895348107 (70%)
2017-012 Dan18913382316 (69%)
2016-071 Dan182631585 (62%)
2016-011 Dan182330776 (85%)
2015-071 Dan17963001710 (58%)
2015-011 Dan18222833223 (71%)
2014-071 Kyu16822516135 (57%)
2014-012 Kyu15921903521 (60%)
2013-072 Kyu15501554632 (69%)
2013-014 Kyu14061094025 (62%)
2012-079 Kyu935694717 (36%)
2012-0113 Kyu62922228 (36%)
367220 (59%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2019-10-061946+334 
Rated games in the Minsk Youth Centre2019-10-051930+1613 
Belarusian Championship 2019: 4th Preliminary Tournament2019-02-23 - 2019-02-241953-23163 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20182018-12-08 - 2018-12-091934+1936 
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2018-11-251895+3913 
Minsk Shogi Open 20172017-07-01 - 2017-07-021895+0194 
Belarusian Shogi Championship, 3rd Preliminary Round2017-02-25 - 2017-02-261891+466 
Minsk Shogi Cup 2016, main tournament2016-12-17 - 2016-12-181880+1157 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-11-261874+633 
Belarusian Open Shogi Premier League 20162016-09-10 - 2016-09-111869+566 
Minsk Shogi Open 20162016-07-16 - 2016-07-171826+43372 Dan
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-06-181825+125 
Belarusian Shogi Championship, 3rd preliminary round2016-03-12 - 2016-03-131823+2153 
Minsk Shogi Cup 2015, main tournament2015-12-05 - 2015-12-061796+2747 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-05-151818-2263 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2015, 3rd preliminary round2015-03-28 - 2015-03-291843-2576 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-02-071835+824 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-01-081822+1334 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20142014-12-13 - 2014-12-141799+2337 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-291785+1433 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-221772+1312 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-151721+51141 Dan
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-011712+934 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-10-181695+1724 
Belarusian Premier League 20142014-09-20 - 2014-09-211688+796 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-09-071682+632 
Rated games in the Minsk shoji club2014-06-24 - 2014-06-271656+2656 
Rated games in the Minsk shoji club2014-06-211674-1863 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-06-141660+1434 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-05-241647+1343 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2014, final round2014-04-26, 2014-04-27 and 2014-04-301648-1610 
Minsk Shogi Open 20142014-04-12 - 2014-04-131667-19137 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2014, 3rd preliminary round2014-03-29 - 2014-03-301664+356 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-03-151648+1613 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-03-011642+643 
Belarusian Under-18 Shogi Championship 20142014-02-15 - 2014-02-221614+28261 Kyu
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-02-081599+1543 
Rated games at the school no.223, Minsk2014-02-011593+663 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2014-01-181592+154 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20132013-12-07 - 2013-12-081587+567 
Belarusian Premier League 20132013-11-23 - 2013-11-241577+1076 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-281612-3593 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-141604+833 
ESC/WOSC 2013, Minsk, Belarus2013-07-19 - 2013-07-211611-7288 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-07-131561+5024 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-07-061550+1144 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-06-151557-792 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-06-081541+1665 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-261549-864 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-251542+734 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-191542+074 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-271526+1644 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-03-301496+30242 Kyu
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, 2nd preliminary round2013-03-16 - 2013-03-171471+2566 
Belarusian Under-18 Shogi Championship2013-03-02 - 2013-03-031455+1636 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-02-021456-193 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-191406+50243 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-12-221401+554 
Minsk Shogi Cup2012-12-08 - 2012-12-091307+94774 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-241285+2223 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-171220+65535 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-031160+601036 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-01 - 2012-11-021117+4375 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-201113+4163 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-141099+14637 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-131082+1713 
Minsk shogi club's tournament, 2012-10-061022+60638 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-09-22935+87113 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-30918+1774 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-26925-7204 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-12937-121539 Kyu
Minsk Shogi Open 20122012-04-29 - 2012-05-01822+11526910 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-04-21802+20184 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-04-07819-17194 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-24813+6154 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-17715+987411 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-03691+24164 
Belarus Championship 2012, preliminary round2012-02-18 - 2012-02-19668+2328312 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-02-04629+39154 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-12-10571+5810413 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-12-03543+2811314 Kyu
Minsk Cup 20112011-11-26 - 2011-11-27323+22034716 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-11-19323* 234 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-11-05613* 184