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04 Nov 2019
9:59 pm


  • Ratings and tournament results updated (Nov 4, 2019)

    A new preliminary rating list as of 2019-10-19 is available. The tournament results of 2019 were also updated.

  • ESC/WOSC 2019 in Bratislava - Vincent Tanyan European champion 2019 (Aug 21, 2019)

    Bratislava was the host of the 2019 European Shogi Championship/World Open Shogi Championship (ESC/WOSC) between August 15th and 18th. Official representative of the Japanese Shogi Federation was Mr. Makoto Chuza (7-dan). Additionally professional players attending the event were Mr. Aono Teruichi (9-dan), Mr. Shohei Takada (7-dan), Ms. Madoka Kitao (ladies professional 2-dan) and Ms. Karolina Styczynska (ladies professional 1-kyu).

    Vincent Tanyan beat Thomas Leiter and made his second European championship title. 3rd place was taken by Anton Starikevich by beating compatriot Maxim Shaporov .

    Hideaki Takahashi managed to repeat his win of the WOSC, but this time he lost a game (his first tournament game loss in Europe) against Thomas Leiter who finished on third place. Second place went to Anton Starikevich .

    The blitz tournament was won also by Hideaki Takahashi ahead of Kensuke Tsutsui and Thomas Leiter .

    The team tournament was won by 'Belarus 1' (Tanyan Vincent, Maxim Shaporov, Anton Starikevich). On second place followed 'Austria 1' (Thomas Pfaffel, Rainer Staberhofer, Andreas Diermair) and on third place 'Belarus 2' (Uladzislau Zakrzheuski, Peter Shcheslionok, Sergei Lysenka).

    The results can be found on the event's official webpage:

  • European Youth Shogi Championship 2019 (Jul 8, 2019)

    From June 28th until June 30th 2019 Wroclaw (Poland) was the host of the European Youth Shogi Championship 2019. There were four age groups (U9, U12, U15, U18) and a side tournament.
    All results can be found on the tournaments webpage.
    The winners were:
    U 9
    1. Feodosiy Butsko (BLR) 2. Alexey Suhotsky (BLR) 3. Timur Podrez (BLR)
    U 12
    1. Marc-Leon Engelmann (GER) 2. Jan-Lukas Engelmann (GER) 3. Ivan Mishin (RUS)
    U 15
    1. Denis Titov (RUS) 2. Michal Mordarski (POL) 3. Anton Borysov (UKR)
    U 18
    1. Anton Starikevich (BLR) 2. Alexey Lavrinovich (BLR)
    3. Patryk Korcyl (POL) (POL)
    Open tournament
    1. Peter Shchestlionok (BLR) 2. Sergei Lysenka (BLR) 3. Adam Dziwoki (POL)

  • European Youth Shogi Championship 2019, Wroclaw, June 28th - 30th (May 21, 2019)

    The registration for this year's European Youth Shogi Championship in Wroclaw is open.
    Please check the official webpage at

  • ESC/WOSC 2019 in Bratislava, registration already possible (Apr 9, 2019)

    Detailed information about schedule is available at the tournament's webpage:
    Registration is already possible and a list of preregistered players is also available.

  • ESC/WOSC 2019 in Bratislava, August 15th to August 18th, ESC/WOSC 2020 in Minsk (Aug 14, 2018)

    ESC/WOSC 2019 will be held in Bratislava from August 15th to August 18th. The venue will be Hotel Sorea Regia, Kralovske udolie 6, Bratislava.
    The event's webpage with some basic information is already online:
    Facebook event

    ESC/WOSC 2020 will be held in Minsk, Belarus.

  • ESC/WOSC 2018 - Thomas Leiter European champion 2018 (Aug 14, 2018)

    This years European Shogi Championship/World Open Shogi Championship (ESC/WOSC) was held between July 26th and July 29th in Berlin at the Japanese-German Center. The 128 participants in the WOSC marked a new participants record. Official representative of the Japanese Shogi Federation was Mr. Akio Ishikawa (7-dan). Additionally professional players attending the event were Mr. Shohei Takada (7-dan) and Ms. Madoka Kitao (ladies professional 2-dan).

    Thomas Leiter managed to gain his second title after 2012 (Krakow) by beating Jean Fortin in the final. Two Belarusian players were fighting for the third place, where last year's European champion Vincent Tanyan won against Peter Shcheslionok .

    The WOSC was clearly won by Hideaki Takahashi with 9 wins out of 9 rounds. 2nd place went to Thomas Leiter with 8/9 and 3rd place to Vincent Tanyan 6/9 with better opponents score ahead 6 other players with the same score.

    The blitz tournament (72 participants) was played with the participation of the professional players (who gave a 2 piece handicap to everyone). 1st place was taken by Vincent Tanyan ahead of Thomas Leiter and Maxim Shaporov .

    The team tournament was full in the hand of the Belarusian teams. Team 'Belarus Minsk' (Tanyan Vincent, Maxim Shaporov, Uladzislau Zakrzheuski) took the first place, second became 'Belarus 1' (Peter Shcheslionok, Anton Starikevich, Ivan Martsev) and third place went to international team 'ISPS' (Masahiro Kito, Toshio Kohari, Terje Christoffersen).

    The dobutsu shogi tournament was won by Marco Dietmayer , 2nd Rainer Staberhofer and 3rd Anton Starikevich .


  • ESC/WOSC 2018, already more than 100 participants registered (Jul 1, 2018)

    It is still a few weeks until the ESC/WOSC in Berlin, but there are already 103 participants registered by July 1st. A new participants record could be expected.
    Please check the tournament's webpage for information and for registration:

  • European Youth Shogi Championship 2018 (Jul 1, 2018)

    The European Youth Shogi Championship 2018 was held this year again in Wroclaw, Poland from June 29th until July 1st 2018. There were four age groups (U9, U12, U15, U18) and a side tournament.
    The winners were:
    U 9 (7 participants)
    1. Alexey Budkevich (BLR) 2. Dmitry Chernashevich (BLR) 3. Ekaterina Shvadronova (BLR)
    U 12 (11 participants)
    1. Marc-Leon Engelmann (GER) 2. Jan-Lukas Engelmann (GER) 3. Ilya Tareev (BLR)
    U 15 (7 participants)
    1. Ivan Martsev (BLR) 2. Michal Mordarski (POL) 3. Lukasz Marczak (POL)
    U 18 (15 participants)
    1. Maxim Shaparov (BLR) 2. Anton Starikevich (BLR) 3. Alexey Lavrinovich (BLR)

    Open tournament (11 participants)
    1. Sergei Lysenka (BLR) 2. Adam Dziwoki (POL) 3. Roman Milosz (POL)