Direct chatting system in DOJO

Direct chatting system

This system is to chat only with specific person during watching game or Kanso-sen. Very useful system when you want to talk with someone without disturbing Kanso-sen. Also it is useful to chat in your mother tongue like Japanese with your friends without disturbing English discussion.

How to use
1. Push "Watchers" button above a chatting window.
2. Then "Watchers window" will open.
3. Select the name you want to directly talk and click the name.
4. Once the name turns into blue, then push "direct=$=" button. After this action, the name is turns from "Daruma78" to "=$=Daruma78".
5 By repeating this, you can choose 10 peoples name for direct chatting.

6. Back to a normal window, a select button in the right side of chatting window.
7. Select "to All" for a chat for everyone.
8. Select "=&=Daruma78" for a direct chat with Daruma78
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