No. 14 Run away, King !!

No.17 Attack weak side!!



No.20 Dancing Pawns who capture a Gold!

No.21 Rook at a crossroads can fork two pieces !

No.24 Imagine a situation for check mate.!

No. 23 Learn cases for check mate by "tsume-shogi"!

No.31 Consecutive checks for discovered attack on the Horse

No.34 Using Dragon in cooperation with minor pieces to attack

No. 35 Capture King by Dragon, the strongest attacking piece!!

No.37 One tip to prevent Rook promote

No.40 Take account of attacking opponentfs King even while defending

No.41 3 moves anticipation to escape from crunch

NO.19 How to use Rook

NEW ! by Ex-Qisha

NO.22 Surprising Bishop's attack

NEW ! by Ex-Qisha

No. 36 Exchange your pieces for opponent's to gain profits !!

No. 42@Look at the board three-dimensionally, gRook at a crossroads!h

No. 44 Attack the defence pieces around king

No. 45 Save king only by one pawn !

No.47@How to make major pieces enter into enemyfs camp and get promoted

No.48@Endeavor to attack speedily

No.30 Tactics to capture rook

No. 38  Big upset by attack and defence moves!

No.39 Are you really safe?

No.29 Right side fourth file rook