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Result of ISC December meeting

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To our happiness, 10 oversea players attended
ISC December meeting and 20 games were played.
We report the result of it.

Summary Table(Total ISC game results, ISC grades, and so on)
Player of month Ultra-Mike
He made a good result. Congratulations!
Match of month Daruma78 VS. Astarte
It was a thrilling "Side Pawn" game!

Game Records(Kifu)

apelsinjos Astarte GrosPaul
VS. maccoy (loss)
VS. Governor (loss)
VS. Ultra-Mike (loss)
VS. Daruma78 (win) VS. Governor (loss)
Lenny H H marcchan osmond
VS. maccoy (loss) VS. yuki70s (loss)
VS. Quantum-Chaos (win)
VS. kabayan (loss)
Quantum Chaos ramalam schachwilhelm
VS. schachwilhelm (loss)
VS. ownroad (loss)
VS. Daruma78 (loss)
VS. marcchan (loss)
VS. yuki70s (loss)
VS. Ultra-Mike (loss)
VS. Ultra-Mike(2nd) (loss)
VS. w1allen (loss)
VS. Quantum-Chaos (win)
VS. ownroad (win)

VS. kabayan (loss)
VS. ramalam (win)
VS. ramalam(2nd) (win)
VS. apelsinjos(win)

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This article was written by w1allen.