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Policy on intellectual property & copyright




2002年 12月22日   ISC・ISL  主宰 庭田 禎久

”In International Shogi Learning (ISL), we may "refer" the available shogi publishes like books, magazines etc. However, unless we have an authorization, we do not copy and translate full text of Japanese into English. In case we refer publishes, we clearly put name of book, authors and publishers in reference section. In ISL, we will focus on basic Joseki and Tesuji which are already common in shogi because we are preparing ISL mainly for beginners & intermediate players in overseas. Therefore, we avoid to put the contents which have the latest shogi study or the specific originality.

We will prepare this site not only keeping legally right but also following a common sense, ethics and a conscience, though, if you find any problem on this, please do let us know. We will treat this in our first priority. Depending on the case, we are ready to delete our contents from the site immediately.

We do not put all parts of kifu in the professional games. We may discuss a part of professional kifu only for Joseki study purpose. We do not copy and translate all parts of kifu into English from magazines or newspapers. This is the same as we already mentioned above.

As our aim is to popularize shogi in overseas by non profitable basis, we do not put them in this site in Japanese.

22nd of December, 2002. Leader of ISC/ISL Yoshi Niwata