How to apply lessons
International Shogi Club (ISC)
How to apply for free shogi lesson!
Provide your information bellow and mail to One of our instrutor will get back to you in a few days.Until then, learn how to login and pllay in ShogiDojo24.

A.@When do you want shogi lesson?
Provide date&time(Japanese date&time) you want the shogi lesson.Please
provide several date&time so that the instructors can find time they can meet you. At present all instructors are Japanese.Select accesible time for
Japanese. Perhaps night(10PM-12PM) or afternoon on weekends are better.

B.@What handycap do you want for lesson match? This is optional
information. If you have no idea,you don't need to provide this.

C.@Provide your personal data.
Mail adress(Mandatry info):
Your name or nickname(Mandatory info):
Your strengh in rating points or kyu/dan:
Languege(Currentry only English or Japanese):

We are looking forword to hearing from you.It's completely free!
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