About the club

International Shogi Club (ISC) is originally established to enjoy shogi internationally on Shogi DOJO (Shogi club 24) on the net. Our aim is to have many shogi friends on the globe through playing shogi, learning each other and information exchange on shogi.


We believe the networking through internet can be a strong way not only to support the international shogi players but also to expand shogi rapidly on the globe, which is one of the most exciting game in the world.

We are a club/society in shogi club 24 and supported by shogi club 24 who encourage the overseas activity providing user friendly site for English speaking players. We are using their site with their cooperation but no financial support/relationship at all.

Our activity in ISC is purely non-profitable basis by voluntary members.

December 22nd, 2002

Yoshi Niwata (Daruma78)
Leader of ISC

ISC support your shogi life through the following three areas :

(1) International Shogi DOJO (ISD) : Leader w1allen /Support All-or-Nothing, Daruma78
We hold a monthly game event and international friendly match here. This is the area where players can try their skills to improve through actual matches internationally FROM STARTERD/BEGINNERS to advanced players.

(2) International Shogi School (ISS) : Leader K.Iwamoto /Support tominaganakamoto, kengo00
We offer here a free lessons via instruction match. This on line lesson is provided by instructors of our club members including DAN people in shogi club 24.
In Shogi Q&A part, our members answer your question concerning shogi to help your deeper understanding of shogi not only as a game but also as Japanese culture.

(3) International Shogi Learning (ISL) : Leader uni_toro2/Support K.Iwamoto, Daruma78
This site is to help your self-learning of shogi. We provide basic Joseki (Tactics) & Tesuji (Tips) through a user friendly shogi software. You do not have to follow a complicated kifu on paper.