About ISC Grade

ISC Grade Table (tentative)

Summary Table

1.What is ISC grade ?
Firstly, ISC grade does not connect with Grade in Shogi club 24 at all because it is too different from the grade normally used in the actual shogi DOJO in Japan. Then we try to make ISC grade similar grade normally used in Japan as close as possible. We hope that overseas people can know about which grade you are if you are in Japan.

2. How ISC Grade is decided ?
1. After bocoming an overseas member of ISC, "ISC grade comittee" set your ISC grade judged by your record of monthly game and shogi lesson. Possibly, Rating in Shogi club 24 is considered, too.

2. To promote the next grade, "ISC grade comittee" decide considering :
(1) ISC points you got in montly game, shogi lesson and friendly match.
(2) Recent Rating trend in Shogi club 24
(3) Your recent effort & passion for shogi (ex learning joseki, learning from other players game including professional games)

3. How to get ISC points ? (Tentative)
1. Join ISC monthly game
- 3 points for winning game
- 1 point for losing game
- 1 point for participation

2. Have a free shogi lesson
- 2 points for one lesson game

3. Join Friendly match
- 5 points for winning game
- 3 point for losing game
- 2 point for participation
(higher points are given because this is more formal event and not held often)

4. Relationship between ISC grade and Certificate by Nihon Shogi Renmei
As we aim that ISC grade is the same level as that by Nihon Shogi Renmei, you can have a certificate through ISC although there is no direct relationship between ISC & Nihon Shogi Renmei.

Then we plan to give a certificate of Nohon Shogi Renmei to Overseas member of ISC for who likes to have.
There are "free certificate" and "non-free certificate" and you can choose which one you like to have.
In case you choose "free certificate", it will be sent to you by free!!

International Shogi Club (ISC)